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If you've grown tired of the ever increasing price of electricity you're not alone. Did you know that you don't have to stay connected to the grid? You can actually make your own electricity if you prefer to live independently of your power company.

People have been doing it for many years now and it's really becoming popular lately due to the increased environmental concern which everyone is having over the impact of traditional methods of generating electricity.

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A cleaner, better lifestyle...

Thankfully, lots of people are also choosing to lead more wholesome, self-sufficient lifestyles which ties in perfectly with the idea of making their own home electricity.Generating power for your own family is enormormously rewarding and liberating.

Your situation might be a little different if you live in suburbia compared to living in the backwoods but the principles are exactly the same when you decide to make your own electricity. When you're living in the city most people prefer to stay on the grid and use their electricity supply as normal but just supplement it with wind or solar, depending on their location, budget and what their preferences are. They'll probably even be able to sell some of their electricity back to their power company.

If you live out of town where it's difficult or just plain unaffordable to get an electricity supply connected then you will have to make your own electricity. As you're going to have to rely on that electricity completely, common sense dictates that you should aim to make your installation as reliable and maintenance free as possible. Aside from wind and solar power for making your own electricity you could choose to use a generator for all our your power requirements.

Reliable, safe power... anytime

However, using a generator exclusively to make your own electricity has too many drawbacks, the least of which is the cost of fuel. Whether your generator is powered by diesel, gas or propane based, if you use it as your main source of power then it's liable to be very expensive over time. And let's face it, these fuels are smelly, messy and not very environmentally friendly. It's a far better option to go for either a wind turbine or solar power installation or perhaps a combination of both and use your generator purely for backup.

Having a "plan b" in this way is a great idea because of the nature of both wind and sun energy. Neither are constant wherever you live - although at times it might seem so. Generator's are quite easy to hook up so that they start automatically whenever the power drops below a certain level. This ensures you have a constant supply of electricity whenever you need it. You won't need to use it often though, that's for sure.

More than that, your installation has to be safe to use and it's critical to get the wiring installed and certified properly. This is a simple, one-off task for any properly qualifiedThe GreenDIYEnergy Guide electrician.

Learn properly, first time and with the right resources

So as you can see, it's certainly not difficult to make your own electricity at home. But before doing so we strongly recommend that you grab a comprehensive reference guide to get you primed.

The best guides will show you exactly how to go about making your own electricity using wind and solar power, which is important particularly if you plan to build your own installation.

You'll be joining the ranks of millions of happy people who are reaping the benefits of knowing how to make their own home power.


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